Finance Bureau of Beijing is the municipal comprehensive functional department for financial management, in charge of managing financial income and expenses, study and make financial plan and accounting plan, implementing supervision to financial fund, and controlling national finance in Beijing by finance and taxation policies. The main duties and responsibilities of Finance Bureau of Beijing are as follows:
  1. In accordance with the laws, rules, regulations, policies of the state and the development strategy about local economy and society, making municipal mid-term and long-term financial plans; participating in making key decisions and policies on economy; studying and making proposals about controlling economy and balancing municipal finance resource by policies on finance, taxation, and allowance; drawing up and implementing financial allocation policies between city, district and country as well as that between state and enterprise.

  2. Studying and making municipal rules and regulations on finance and accounting management as well as supervising the implementation of the relevant rules and regulations; managing the loan transaction made by foreign governments and international finance institutions to Beijing; supervising the operation of municipal finance institutions; studying government debt status and drawing out measures about government how to prevent debt risk; responsible for the development of agriculture in Beijing.

  3. Drafting and implementing municipal annual budget plan and final accounts plan; providing municipal budget report and implementation report to Beijing Municipal People's Congress consigned by Beijing Municipal Government; managing fiscal revenue, extra-budgetary fund and special accounts; drawing out lottery management regulation and issuing plan as well as supervising the issuance of lottery; managing relevant government funds .

  4. Managing municipal public expenditure; managing municipal financial budgetary non-trade foreign exchange of administrative bodies, institutions and social organizations; setting expenditure standard.

  5. Drafting and implementing municipal government procurement policy; guiding municipal government procurement and car purchase of government departments and institutions that can get appropriation fund.

  6. Making budget for social security revenue and expenditure; implementing financial management regulations on social security funds; supervising the utilization of social security funds.

  7. Managing the local accountants, drawing out, implementing and supervising accounting regulations; supervising and checking the implementation of accounting regulations; organizing and guiding accountant accreditation; guiding and supervising the work of chartered accountant and the operation of accounting companies; guiding and managing social auditing.

  8. Making plans on financial scientific research and education; organizing training for financial personnel; conveying financial information and publicizing finance.

  9. Undertaking other issues assigned by Beijing municipal government.


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